The Aesthetics of Functionality

Milan has a visionary spirit, focused on the modern age and on experimentation. It’s here that not only the latest trends that inspire fashion, architecture, and design are born, but also the contemporary lifestyles to which interior design conforms: the fluidity that unites cooking, living, and dining, the focus on comfort, the perfect combination of rationality, efficiency, and style.

Cesar is at the centre of this evolution, also thanks to the expertise of Corrado Molteni, the owner of the store and an expert in the industry. Combining striking features with avantgarde and functional elements, natural and technological details, and innovation and emotion, Cesar offers kitchens and furnishings that are designed for clients who seek to express their individuality.

Corrado Molteni
General Manager
I grew up in Brianza and I then went on to earn my degree in Interior Design from Milan’s IDI Institute. After gaining professional experience with other companies, I joined Molteni Mobili, the historic furniture store founded by my family in the 1950s. Thanks to my business skills and my innovative vision, over the years I began to guide the company, recently renamed Mo.1950, in an evolutionary process that led me to meet and establish a relationship with the team at Cesar. In 2010, with the opening of their Flagship store in Milan, we began a solid and successful collaboration, characterised by our common passion for and interest in the kitchen sector and based on a shared vision of décor that focuses on conviviality and the joy of living one’s home to the fullest.

Stefania Soldo
Store Manager
After earning a degree in architecture, I embarked on a career that, from the very beginning, was focused on the world of design and interior design, over time acquiring a profound knowledge of the industry, especially in the high-end kitchen sector. In my 20 years of experience I have had the opportunity to establish relationships with architects, designers, and contractors, providing them with valuable technical and design support. Furthermore, I have developed an outstanding ability to understand and interpret clients’ needs, tackling every project with passion and enthusiasm.
Clara Allegrini
Interior designer
For years I have worked in interior and furniture design as an architect. The kitchen has always been my favourite environment. I see it as the place in which the desires and needs of those who want to experience the lifeblood of the home are concentrated. Today I follow clients, step by step, in every one of their choices, taking advantage of various graphics and design tools, giving form and function to this precious space, and helping people to make their residential dreams come true.
Francesca Monti
Interior designer
After having attended an artistic high school, The Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, and then specialising in interior design at Milan’s Castello Sforzesco, I embarked on my career in the world of design in 1996, beginning with the kitchen sector itself. My interests gradually expanded to include renovations, complete home design, and even decorative accessories, overseeing every project in detail and always seeking to fully satisfy our clients’ demands.
Lucia Gandelli
Interior designer
After graduating with a degree in architecture from Milan’s Polytechnic University, I immediately be-gan to work in the interior design sector, pushed by a curiosity and desire to become familiar with its every aspect. Over the years I have acquired significant experience in this sector, learning to fully maximise the potential of every environment while putting my clients’ needs first. Every project is the result of careful preliminary analysis aimed at ultimately creating the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.
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Custom-made projects
and solutions

Cesar Store Milano works hand in hand with architects and interior designers who seek the perfect partner with which to bring their design projects to life.

A wide range of modular solutions, willingness and flexibility in the creation of custom-made furniture, quality materials, finishes and colours selected according to market demand, and attention to detail are just a few of our strengths. The result is that architectural spaces are enhanced to their fullest, as are the stylistic concepts which are at the foundation of the most exclusive projects.


Assembly and

The constructive aspect of our kitchens is the best assurance that they will be perfectly installed in your home. Attention to detail during the manufacturing stage, the opportunity to create customised and tailor-made elements, safe packaging and transport, and the technical ability of our installers all combine to ensure a rapid and meticulous installation.

The greatest care is taken with the final clean-up so that you may begin enjoying your Cesar kitchen immediately.